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Do you own an electric vehicle or are you planning to get one?

Tesla’s leading on providing consumers with electric vehicles today although there is still room for improvements when it comes to service.

Disappointingly, when the electric car develops problems, it takes too long to get things fixed. This is leaves car owners no choice but to use public transport. It also causes potential buyers to think twice.

What’s Tesla Up To Now?

To make their electric car even more attractive to the masses, they are concentrating on improving two different aspects: availability of spare parts and an auto call feature.

Availability of Spare Parts

Not all auto repair shops service electronic vehicles so the line on the selected few may be long. Add that to the hassle of having to wait for a very long while just to order the spare parts your vehicle needs. In response to these, Tesla promises to focus on increasing the availability of spare parts in various service centers.

Auto Call Feature

The auto call feature is Tesla’s way of helping car owners lessen the fixing time required. With this feature, the car can automatically call a towing service provider when it detects a problem with the vehicle. Drivers will also have the option to cancel the call when they feel like it’s a false alarm.

Final Thoughts

It’s great that Tesla is thinking ahead and is trying to improve their services. We can expect the availability of more spare parts in the near future but the auto call feature could take some time. It sounds great but it can be a challenge especially on a nationwide or worldwide scale. I also hope tow truck service providers like us can have a chance to be on that call list.

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