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It’s hard to imagine doing much in the midst of a muggy August summer day in Oklahoma City, however making sure your car gets the proper preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring your car keeps running smoothly, especially during these hot Oklahoma City summer months. High heat and humidity puts a lot of strain on certain moving parts of your vehicle which means you’ll need to pay some special attention to them during the summertime.

With that in mind, we here at Oklahoma Towing Service wanted to talk about summer maintenance tips to stay ahead of a breakdown, while keeping your vehicle running it’s best.

Engine Coolant

In the summertime you need to drink water at regular intervals during the summer months to keep your body cool – your vehicle is no different. The single most effective way to keep it running is to top off the coolant. The key to running your car without any issues during the summer months is to make sure the cooling system is always in top working order.

Checking Rubber Components

High temperatures and humidity can do a number on your car’s rubberized parts. While most vehicles nowadays are made with hoses and belts comprised of a durable rubber called Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM), they still need to be checked in extreme weather situations for their integrity. Belts have a tendency to expand in high heat, so make sure to check that they have proper tension around each pulley, if accessible.

For rubber hoses and elbows, make sure to check the integrity at each connection point and look for any checking or chunking-off of any of the rubber. This is a sign of wear and that the part needs to be replaced. The good news is that replacing a belt or hose is easy, the resulting failure of said part can be disastrous.

Tire Pressure

High heat expands the air in your tire, which can result in uneven wear, so you should check the tire pressure at regular intervals especially in the summer months. If there isn’t enough pressure in the tires, it puts unnecessary pressure on the side walls of your tire which is accentuated by the heat. All these factors combine to increase the probability of a tire failure right in the middle of a drive. Keep in mind that if the tire burst in the middle of a drive, it can be extremely dangerous as your vehicle might lose balance and cause accident.


The batteries also need to be checked regularly during the summer months as the summer heat speeds up the chemical reaction in the batteries which as an adverse effect on the overall life. It is recommended to clean the battery terminals at regular intervals to maintain their lifespan. It is easy to clean the terminals as you just need to detach the cables to clean the terminals. Terminal grease is easily available and you should put some grease on the connectors for additional protection.

Protect Your Finish

In addition to protecting the engine of the car, you also need to protect the finish of your vehicle. The best way to protect your car from the summer heat is to apply proper wax and sealant. You also need to pay attention to the air-conditioning of your car. Even though it is not important for proper operation of your car but it affects your comfort levels.

Air Conditioning

You know you’ve seen them: the folks in their car with their windows down in the middle of summer. It’s obvious that their A/C is out. You do not want to be uncomfortable driving your car in the hot summer months. It is recommended to take your car to an auto repair shop to get the air-conditioner checked in addition to other things before the summer months to make sure it won’t fail and leave you stranded in your car.

Overall, these are some of the tips that will help you take proper care of your car during the summer months. While this by-no-means covers all summer maintenance items, it’s a good checklist for the failure we see on the road every day as a towing company in Oklahoma City.

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