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Spring is here and with that, we can certainly see more motorcyclists take on the road. The winter season may hinder some of them from using their beloved bikes but as the season warms up, we’ll definitely be seeing more of them. Motorcyclists are notorious for being careless on the road but that’s not just the reason to watch out for them.

Why You Should Watch Out For Motorcycles

Even if most people think those motorcycle riders are careless on the road, most of them still ride responsibly. They still follow the rules and keep a watchful eye on the road as well as the other vehicles.

With such small vehicles, motorcycles are prone to get more hurt when they meet an accident. Although it is their responsibility to be careful, other drivers, like tow truck drivers who drive huge vehicles should also watch out for them.

Throughout the winter, when there are fewer of them who go out, drivers could get used to bigger car silhouettes when they are looking swiftly around them. That can lead to an accident because you just didn’t notice them. This is a great time to remind ourselves that there are also other smaller vehicles that use the road like motorcycles or scooters. Tow truck drivers should also help watch out for motorcycles to help lessen the risk of fatal injuries.

How To Help Keep Motorcyclists Safe

Reduce Distractions

One of the best ways to help ensure the safety of motorcyclists and other people on the road is to reduce distractions while driving. Tow truck drivers could be driving huge vehicles. If you are currently towing another car, that could greatly increase the impact and possibly worsen the accident. Distractions like using phones should never be done while driving.

Be Alert

Don’t even attempt to drive when you had some alcohol. Whether you think you still can, just don’t. That will lessen your alertness. One of the most common reasons for accidents is due to alcohol. Additionally, in case you are sleepy, it would be best to take a few minutes to nap rather than continue to drive.

Keep Your Distance

The distance and speed of the motorcycle on the road can easily be miscalculated. If you are behind them, it is best to keep your distance to prevent possibly rear-ending them. For a huge truck, that may not lead to a lot of damage but for a small motorcycle, that could be fatal.

Take Note Of Your Blind Spots

Motorcycles should be watchful of all vehicles, especially huge ones that also have blind spots. However, as a tow truck driver, you should also be mindful of your blind spots. Carefully change lanes and make sure that no one is going to get hurt when you do. Remember that you are also pulling another vehicle so the clearance needed should be greater than when you’re just driving a car.

Spread The Information

Veteran tow truck drivers may already be aware of what might possibly happen when motorcycles are around. However, some newer tow truck drivers might not. It is best to share information about motorcycles on the road and how to help keep them safe. Tell them that they should also watch out for them while providing towing services.

Carefully Open Your Door

Even if you’re already at the side of the road, you should still be careful when opening your door. There might be a motorcycle passing by or a car that could get caught on your door. Always look towards the back when opening your door.

Be Extra Careful At Intersections

One of the most common places where vehicular accidents could happen is intersections. Aside from following the traffic rules, drivers must also be extra careful at intersections. You may not easily spot a motorcycle at an intersection so it is best to be extra careful and don’t rush.

Keep The Tow Truck In Great Shape

An accident can also happen if your tow trucks aren’t kept in great shape. Even if you spot a motorcycle and react in time, if your tow truck isn’t responding well, you’d still end up being in an accident. Tow truck maintenance is an essential part of the towing business.

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