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As tow truck operators, we deal with all sorts of cars and trucks every day. They not only pay our bills, but they’re also infinitely interesting!

Needless to say, we believe the invention of the motorized vehicle is one of the most important invention ever! It has made our daily lives considerably easier.

In today’s world, we can’t really imagine a day without vehicles. From daily commute to heavy goods transportation, it plays a major role in every aspect of human life. Apart from some car enthusiasts, most people don’t really take enough care of their vehicles (in terms of maintenance). We often take cars for granted.

So, in order to give our respect to this wonderful invention, we have decided to go back in time and talk about some of the cool facts about trucks. Here is our list!

Some Cool Facts:

Trucks made in the early days did not have a steering wheel. It’s hard to believe a car without a steering but that is true. Drivers back then used a lever to control the movement of the car. Of course, it wasn’t as effective but it did the job.
The first person to get a ticket was in 1902. Now that’s unlucky, no?
In the year 1916, 55% of the cars were Fords models. This is the record that still stands and with so many car manufacturers now, it seems like it will stand for some time.
Cars and trucks burn through a lot of tires every year. In fact, over 1 billion tires are manufactured to support new and old worn tires.
The first fuel gauge was introduced in 1922
The first car with a radio in it came out in the year 1929. It was an invention in itself.
The first electric signals were introduced by Buick in the year 1938.
The automobile industry is the most eco-friendly and recycled dependent in the world.
During their first year in the United States, Beetle sold only 330 cars.
Women spend more than $60 million on cars each year. This equates to 60% of new cars and 80% of all car purchases.
In United States Alone, 135 million cars hit the road each day.
Dodge engines were used in the first cars made by Ford.
South Carolina sells the most car, about one-seventh of the total in the United States.
The average car in the United States (models below 2000) costs only around $5.5 to own.
In 1970 more cars were scrapped than small trucks. This however changed as manufacturers started building more durable cars.
Hong Kong has the most Rolls Royce (per capita)
Elizabeth Dole suggested the brake light in the rare window.
In the early 2000s 30% of all the cars were SUVs
The word tune-up was used by Henry Ford first when he was working on his first car prototype.

Bottom Line:

That is it from our side for now but we are sure there are tons of other facts that you would like to share. Use the comments section to below to share your thoughts or some other cool facts about tow trucks, cars, or anything motorized for that matter!

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