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Different weather conditions such as rain can be more challenging to drive through, and here in Memphis, we see all sorts!

When the rain starts to fall, the road can be more slippery and this might cause our truck or another vehicle on the road to skid and cause an accident.

Tow trucks are needed in such scenarios but drivers must be very careful and extremely cautious when driving in the rain. This can prevent accidents on the road and can better help tow away the cars that met an accident.

Here are a few tips for tow truck drivers so that they can still drive safely through the rain.

Remove All Distractions

More focus is required when you’re driving in the rain. That is why you should take away all distractions. Don’t ever use your phone, even on handsfree mode because a split second can cause your vehicle to skid and get out of control.

Wear Your Seatbelt

Whether it is raining or not, you should always wear your seatbelt when driving or riding a tow truck. It is a safety precaution that can prevent you from fatal injuries in case your truck meets an accident.

Watch Out For Hazards On The Road

When it is raining, it is more likely that the road has lots of potential hazards. Puddles and flood zones are common. Make sure you are aware of the road conditions before heading that route.

Drive Slowly And Brake In Advance

There is no use to driving fast if you can’t end up in your destination because something bad happens to your truck on the way. Driving slowly is best because slower vehicles are easier to control especially when the road is wet. Remember that you are also driving a very heavy vehicle, which is very difficult to control at fast speeds.

Maintain Farther Distance From Other Vehicles

Maintaining a farther distance from the car you are following gives you more time to react in case that vehicle skids or meets an accident.

Stop Driving When Your Uncomfortable

Tow truck drivers are responsible for a lot of things. If you feel uncomfortable about driving through a certain road because of its current condition, then stop. Use your wise judgment and learn when to stop rather than push yourself or your vehicle to its limits.

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