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Owning a vehicle means that you have to be responsible for it. That is if you want it to last longer and avoid car problems while you’re on the road. You just don’t buy a car and use it without ever doing maintenance procedures.

Cars have lots of moving parts that could lead to wear and tear. Proper maintenance helps slow down the wear and tear and ensures that every part of your vehicle is properly functioning. When it comes to car maintenance, mechanics will tell you the ones you should not skip.

One of them is brake system maintenance. If your brakes don’t work well, they could cause an accident that will lead to a car that’s totaled. Additionally, there are also other problems or issues it could lead to such as those found below.

Brake System Maintenance

Manufacturers have their own recommendations when it comes to brake system maintenance. Usually, they suggest doing the maintenance for every 12,000 miles. Sometimes, there really isn’t anything that needs to be done but you should still check your brakes at least once a year to make sure that there are really no problems. Having problems with the braking systems can lead to fatal accidents. They could also lead to the following problems:

Squealing Or Grinding Noises

Properly working brakes aren’t noisy. In case you hear grinding, scraping, or squealing noises, it could already be due to your brake pads. They need to be checked and addressed right away. It is possible that they are already out and in need of replacement.

Burning Odor

You use your car and you smell something that’s burning. It isn’t only annoying and irritating to smell that but it is also dangerous. That problem means that your brake pads are already overheating. When you smell that, you should immediately stop driving your car. There is a risk for the brakes to fail when it is already overheating.

Brake Fluid Leak

With a properly maintained braking system, you shouldn’t have any leaks. The brake fluid is usually brownish or redding in color. If you find this fluid on the floor of your garage towards the inner side of the wheels, then there might be a break in the lines. Additionally, the leak could also come from the master cylinder. Nevertheless, you should remedy this right away, or else it would be very difficult to stop your vehicle.

Squishy Brake Pedal

When you try using the brakes and it feels like it is squishy or sponge-like, then there’s already a problem with it. There could be air in the brake lines or your master cylinder could already be faulty.

When using your brakes, take note of the pressure or resistance that you feel. It shouldn’t change at all. You should also check to see if the brake pedal stops about 1 and ½ inches from the floorboard. If you find any of these, then it means you definitely have to check your brake system to remedy the problem.


Use your brakes then your car shakes. That’s not normal at all. Your car shouldn’t shake, vibrate, wobble or pull to a side when you use the brakes. In case it does, there could be issues with the calipers of the rotors.

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