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Proper RV Towing Recommendations By Professionals

Towing an RV is a challenge, even for professionals. You need to remember many details and small actions that will determine whether the operation will be a success or a complete failure.

These vehicles can be huge and are super-heavy. So, towing one to safety may be quite a task, especially if the terrain and weather conditions aren’t favorable.

To consult you on the precautions and steps to take before taking the car to safety, we’ve asked our friends from a Towing Company in Oklahoma City to give clear recommendations on what to do and how to do it.

Hitch the Trailer Right

Hitch the trailer as securely as possible. Check the locks, secure them further if needed. Also, don’t forget to check the cables and electricity. Everything should be intact and working.

Check Rear Visibility

You should be able to see the trailer from the mirrors on both sides of the truck. This means the RV was secured properly and you can control its movements easier.

Make Sure the Weight of the RV is Distributed Properly

Park on a totally flat road and see if all sides of both vehicles are in a line. If there’s an incline, the possibility of an accident increases tenfold. Be very meticulous when it comes to weight distribution.

Check the Brakes

Before towing the RV, check its brakes and controller. Set it higher or lower, depending on the braking speed you need. The golden rule is if you feel tugging when applying brakes on the tow truck, everything’s fine.

To check if your settings are fine, drive until you reach 10 mph and slowly stop. See if you feel the tug of the trailer.

Drive Slowly

When towing such a vehicle, you’ll have to drive and brake slowly. Mind the cars around you and keep a proper distance to avoid an accident. Gladly, there are professionals with a tow truck in Oklahoma City and other locations across the US that do similar assignments every day. They know all the precautions and follow them strictly.

Mind Your Turns

Never do sharp turns when you have such a massive vehicle behind. The larger it is, the wider your turn has to be. Don’t forget these easy rules and make sure you slow down before every turn.

Contact Professionals to Get Help

While you should know about the steps professionals will take to tow your RV, attempting to do something yourself without experience may lead to even more trouble and danger. To avoid that, make sure you have a number of a nearby professional towing service.

Experts will come by with proper tech and tools to secure the RV and take it to a safe place where you can repair the vehicle and find out what happened. Professional assistance is required in this situation. You never know how long you’ll be trying to stop another car to help you.

Besides, securing the vehicle in the wrong way can do more harm than good. So, have your phone charged and ready to call for assistance!

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