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Whether you like it or not, your car will eventually break down. Over time it’s only natural for mechanical parts to become worn and inoperable, and unless you rebuild or replace your car’s engine and mechanical parts, get use to the thought of your car quitting at some unknown point in the future. This is a certainty. What isn’t certain is exactly when and where your vehicle will break down.

If you happen to need a towing service for the unanticipated vehicle failure, or for roadside assistance issues – consider a experienced, reliable company like Oklahoma Towing Service. Located centrally in Oklahoma City, we’ve got the experience, tools and equipment to handle your unique situation.

Below are some of the specific services we offer that help set us apart from the competition:

24 Hour Availability

Your car may break down anytime and anywhere. Hence, you will need a towing company that’s available whatever the time of the day is. You can get in touch with Oklahoma Towing Service around the clock and we will be there for you whenever you’re in need.

Roadside Support

Unlike common towing companies that simply tow vehicles, Oklahoma Towing Service provides other roadside services such as vehicle jumpstarts, tire changes, and winch out services. It is our goal to reduce your towing expenses and get your car running on the road as soon as possible.


Oklahoma Towing Services is licensed to work in Oklahoma City. In addition all drivers maintain their CDL and keep current on all necessary training for license maintenance.

Insured Services

Oklahoma Towing carries specific liability insurance for the towing and roadside assistance services we provide. In case additional damages occur during the delivery of our service, you can sit back and relax and let us handle it.

Deep Towing Experience

In most cases, the longer a towing company has been working in the industry the more reliable their services are the number of years of experience equates to expected customer satisfaction. With 20 years of towing services under its belt, Oklahoma Towing Services can address your specific needs right away. Rest assured, you can leave the assessment of the situation to us.

Quick Response

During emergencies, you want a service provider that can respond immediately. With our team of customer support professional, we can prioritize your calls and respond quicker to your situation than the competition. And because we’re centrally located in Oklahoma City, chances are we’re only a few minutes away.

Fixed and Itemized Pricing

Some towing company’s advertise a low initial price, only to inflate the charges upon billing, Usually they leave out any itemization of the additional charges and offer vague reasons for the cost disparity. Worse-yet, if you dispute the charge, they may refuse to yield the car over unless you agree to pay. Communication is a key to our customer’s satisfaction, and that’s why we’re always up front on the prices we charge and will itemize any additional costs for the service call.

Versatile Towing Equipment

You can only get high-quality services from a towing company that uses the right equipment for the situation. A common towing scenario requires a Wheel lift tow truck while a broken motorcycle usually needs a flatbed towing truck. Oklahoma Towing Services only uses the right equipment for the scenario to ensure the safety and integrity of your vehicle.

Call Oklahoma Towing Service Today

Located centrally in the heart of our proud city, Oklahoma Towing Service goes through great pains to ensure we are where you’re at in the shortest amount of time. How do we do it? Through a fleet of versatile trucks, 24/7 availability, and trained professionals. Our experienced professional have got the tools, and know-how to make it happen – all at prices that are extremely competitive.

Whether it’s emergency roadside service, mobile locksmith services or motorcycle transport services, feel free to give us a call at (405) 456-0930 and one of our knowledgeable Oklahoma Towing Service reps will gladly help to get you the answers you need.

Flatbed Hauling
Towing Service Starting @ $85

+ $3 Per Miles For Distance Over 5 Miles