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Towing an RV is not an easy job. Whether you’re a professional or just doing it yourself, the experience is intimidating. While towing an RV there is a risk of damage to the human body as well as the vehicle. This is the reason why we always recommend getting the services of a professional towing company. Anyway, if you’re doing this on your own, and it is the first time – you’re bound to feel a little nervous. With experience and some basic understanding of the process, you will feel much better.

The key is to always maintain a focus on your vehicle and adjusting your driving habits a little. Here is what you should always keep in mind.

Backing Up

Backing up in any other vehicle is easy because they are smaller and easier to have an idea of the surrounding. However, RVs are bigger in size and you can’t just look over your shoulder to have an idea of the surrounding. When towing an RV and backing up, it all comes down to experience. For starters, we recommend not backing up from your right side. This is your blindside and must be covered. We also recommend that you use more help while backing up. Ask your friends to assist you as you do that. Use hand signals or radio to communicate and always put a soft foot on the pedal. Ideally, you should be able to see the face of the person helping you back up. This way it gets easier read the facial expressions too, especially when there is no radio communication.

If there is no assistance available, you should step out of the vehicle and establish stop points yourself. You should also try and familiarize yourself with the surrounding. Backing up can take some time so and when it’s really difficult, get out of the vehicle at every stop point, check your progress and then start again.

Bonus Tip – always be on the lookout for small children and pets when backing up. Also, tap your horn to warn people around you before you start!

Roof Damage

Remember the vehicle that you’re driving is a big one. When driving a car, you don’t have to worry about overhead obstacles that may damage the roof or the side mirrors. However, the vehicle you are driving may hit tree branches and other things along the way. Most of such damages occur when parking the unit. So, when you arrive at the campground, step out and look around for things that may hit the roof or the side mirrors.


We recommend our readers to always keep in mind that you’re driving a big vehicle. You need to step out of that car mind frame. Avoid over speeding, always be aware of your surroundings (traffic, children, other vehicles, pets, etc). Follow the traffic rules and practice at all times what you have learnt in your training.

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