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Have you ever seen a car accident? It can be a horrific sight especially if the car is on its back. As someone who drives a car, you should know what to do when you meet an accident. That can help you from further hurting yourself or making costly mistakes on what to do.

However, not all car accidents will result in a car that has rolled over to its side or top. In some cases, a car that has been in an accident can still be driven. On the contrary, when it is totaled, then you should have it towed for safety. Plus, it could also be impossible to drive anyway.

So how do you know if your car is totaled or not after an accident? Here are a few things to remember:

Too Costly To Repair

When a car has been through an accident. The damaged parts should be repaired so that the car can be safely driven again. If the cost to repair the car is too expensive than to replace it, the insurance company may consider your car as totaled.

With that, the insurance company won’t have the car repaired. Instead, they will just give you money that’s the worth of your vehicle. You can use this money to buy a new replacement vehicle.

Leaking Fluids

Due to the damages your car receives, it may develop fluid leaks. It is not good to drive a leaking car. A leaking car could lead to a lot of different problems just like having bad fuel. Apart from that, leaking fluid could also mean the repairs are more expensive. That is why most insurance companies won’t have them repaired and instead consider them as totaled.

Extensive Frame Damage

An older car that has received great damage to the frame could also be considered totaled. It is expensive to rebuild the car frame and insurance companies would want to avoid that.

Very Old Car

We often see old cars still running on the road. If yours is one of them and isn’t a vintage one that is well maintained, it can be considered totaled if it received damage during a car accident.

Older cars are more expensive to repair, especially if you want to achieve their original appearance.

Well-Used Vehicle

A well-used vehicle that has traveled a lot of miles already could also make it worthless. If it meets with an accident and there is damage, it may not be best to have it repaired. It would be better to have it replaced. Just like the car’s age, the mileage also affects the value of the vehicle.

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