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There are many reasons why you can call for a towing service, and while we do our best to arrive quickly, towers can’t magically appear right in front of you when you need them the most.

It takes time for them to go to wherever you are.

So whether you’re in a lighted highway or on a dark road, it is very important to think about your safety while waiting for your tow.

Below are the things that you should do and should not do.

Pull Over

Waiting inside your vehicle in the middle of the road isn’t the safest spot. If you can still drive your vehicle, pull over on the side of the road. This prevents you from getting in the way of other vehicles. With your car on the side of the road, it is less likely for other vehicles to crash into you and meet an accident.

If on the other hand, you can’t drive your vehicle, you can push it to the side of the road. When parking in a safe spot, make sure not to stay on a hill where your car can accidentally roll down. Also, avoid blind corners. You want to make yourself clearly visible to other cars.

Make Sure Your Car Is Visible

Switch on your hazard lights even if it’s day time to inform other drivers that you’re not moving because there is a problem in the car. If you have an early warning device or a reflective triangle, you can also set it up.

Stay Inside The Car

Most of the time, the safest place for you to stay is inside your car. Don’t go out and stay beside your car because other cars might hit you accidentally. In case you don’t feel safe inside the car because it is smoking, you should leave the car safely by exiting through the passenger side.

Gather Your Valuables

While waiting, you can also take your valuables and other important items. Make sure you don’t leave them unattended. Even if you trust the towing company, getting hold of your valuables gives you peace of mind. Towing companies are not responsible for your personal items so make sure to keep them before the car is towed.

You should also keep all important paperwork regarding the car and your identification. This is one of the first things a tow truck driver asks for to check. Insurance will also ask for these papers so make sure they are with you and don’t leave them inside the car.

Stay Calm

Panicking won’t help and it can even worsen your situation. Just calm down and remember that the towing service is on its way. You should also stay hydrated especially if you think that the tow truck will take a long time to get to you.

Don’t Accept Rides From Strangers

Even if not all motorists have bad intentions in offering you a ride, it is best not to accept them. There are still some who might take advantage of you. You can politely turn them down and wait until help from your trusted towing company arrives.

They can also offer to tow your vehicle but this isn’t a safe way to tow your car. Even if they have good intentions, you should always consider using a towing service provider because they have the right equipment.

Beware Of Other Towing Companies

Sometimes a tow truck will happen to pass by when you need them the most. It may seem a great idea to allow them to tow your car but you might regret that decision.

Tow truck scams are rampant today. These are the ones who seem to pass by where you are at the perfect time. They may be able to tow your truck but they can charge you hefty fees. They may even hold your vehicle until you pay their fees that keep on increasing.

Also, they can bring your car to auto shops that are overpriced. Some may even bring you to shops where the mechanics aren’t professionals. They’ll just worsen your car’s problem.

To prevent yourself from being a victim of towing scams, make sure you call your trusted towing company for help. Ask for the license plate number of the tow truck that they’re going to use to easily identify them. You may even ask the drivers for some identification so you can make sure that they are the ones you called.

Don’t Waste Your Phone’s Battery

Even if you’re done calling the tow service providers, don’t make the mistake of playing on your phone out of boredom. Reserve your batteries because you might need to make another call. They may also call you up on that number to clarify your current location.

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