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FAQ on Towing Services in Oklahoma City

When looking for a towing company, you must have a lot of questions. For that, there are FAQ sections on the websites of those businesses. But you may need to look for them and read many replies that you already know before finding the needed answer.

To help you get to the truth faster, we’ve teamed up with a 24/7 towing company in Oklahoma City to provide you with information everyone is eager to know when looking for a reliable ally. Is car towing dangerous for the vehicle? What to do if your car has been lowered?

Read further to find out the answers!

My car is in a parking garage. Is it possible to tow it out of there?

A professional service has different kinds of tow trucks. Memphis Towing, for example, has one that has enough clearance (7ft) to take cars out of parking garages. Make sure you specify where you need to be extracted from for the best service.

What information do I have to provide to the operator when calling a towing service?

A towing service in Oklahoma City will need to know:

  • Your location (as precisely as you can);
  • What vehicle you have (color, model, year, make, etc.);
  • License plate information;
  • The problem with the vehicle;
  • Where you need it towed;
  • Your phone number;
  • Whether you’ll be paying in cash or by card.

Can you tow a vehicle safely if it’s been lowered?

Most of the time, lowered cards are safely towed where you specify. But make sure to notify the service of the situation.

Can a towing service help me unlock a car? What if it’s an electric lock?

If it’s a professional service, yes. Their drivers are also locksmiths that have a rich experience of working with different locks. The range of tools is always expanding and improving, so it’s not a problem.

Is towing dangerous for my car?

No. Modern professional towing services take care of every vehicle equally. So, your car won’t have a scratch on it unless an accident happens before the towing. You can discuss it with the service of your choice to be sure.

Do I have to wait for the service to find my car or can I go?

If the keys are with the car and you provided all the needed information so that the drivers can find the vehicle, you can go. Make sure to keep in touch to be updated.

Is it OK if I want the car on automatic transmission to be towed with wheels on the ground?

This depends on the situation you’re in. If the distance isn’t long and they drive at a low speed, it’s fine.

Can you tow a bike?

Depends on the service you use. Oklahoma Towing has sufficient equipment to help you out with the bike.

All of this is true if you call a reliable company. Our recommendation is to choose one that works 24/7. You never know when you need help. But having someone ready to go at any moment is always great.

Do your best to avoid accidents. But if something happens, have a phone number or two to call and get assistance.

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