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Have you ever locked yourself out of your vehicle? What did you do to get out of that situation? The best thing you could have done is to call for roadside assistance so they can assign an automotive locksmith to assist you.

It’s great if you haven’t experienced locking yourself out. However, if you do, don’t make the mistake of trying to unlock the car by yourself. It may seem pretty easy in movies but not so much.

If you’d still want to risk unlocking your car on your own, we suggest you read up on how to do it or watch some videos online. Just be reminded that when you do it, there is a risk of further damaging your vehicle.

Choosing to work with an auto locksmith is the smarter and better choice. They are trained and experienced professionals in this field. However, unlocking cars isn’t the only thing they do. Let’s tell you more about what an auto locksmith can do.

Unlock Cars

As we’ve mentioned, the main reason why you would need an auto locksmith is to help you unlock your vehicle even without the key. The technique they use will depend on the type of vehicle you have and the lock system of your vehicle as well.

The first technique would be to “jimmy” your car open. For this, they use a slim jim. This is usually made of metal and is very thin so it can slide between the window and weather stripping. Sliding it in is just the first step, once it is in, auto locksmiths will position it to unlock your car.

Doing this with a coat hanger is popular in movies and it is possible but that would cause more damage to the vehicle. Plus auto locksmiths can easily know how to position the slim jim to open the car.

For newer cars that are opened through remotes, the auto locksmith needs to reprogram the code to unlock it.

Remove Keys That Have Broken Off

Sometimes, the keys could break while you’re turning them. That may be due to the natural wear or a slip of the hand that causes a wrong abrupt turn. With a piece of the key stuck, you can’t unlock your car even if you have a spare. Plus if you manage to open the door, you can’t use the broken key to start the vehicle.

The auto locksmiths have extraction kits and tools that are meant to attach to the broken piece. Plier-like tools are also another alternative that could remove the broken key on the door or the ignition.

Although you can try to remove the broken key on the door, it is not good to try to remove it from the ignition. If it is not done correctly, it can cause more damage to your vehicle. Repairing that damage may be more expensive than just paying for an auto locksmith to remove your stuck key.

Duplicating Keys

Auto locksmiths can also duplicate your car keys. If your car keys are not attached to an electrical piece, it would be much easier to duplicate. The process is similar to duplicating your house keys.

However, if the car keys are attached to an electrical piece, which usually contains a programmable chip, it would be more difficult to duplicate. These types of car keys need the right program code, from the chip, that’s unique to your vehicle. If they are correct, the car will start.

Replace Car Ignition Or Door Locks

The locks on car doors can also wear down. Even if they are not as fast as the wear and tear of your wheels, it can still happen. Automotive locksmiths can also replace the locks for you.

Additionally, the ignition, where you place your key to start the engine, could also be replaced. However, the auto locksmith may need to order the parts depending on the car you have. They may not have the parts in stock so you would have to wait to have it completed.

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