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Vehicles like other man-made machines are prone to breaking down and when this occurs it is important for vehicle owners to put their safety first. It is advisable for stranded motorists to ensure that they prioritize their safety as well as that of other road users whenever their vehicles stall.

Before you as the vehicle owner place a call for a tow truck near y0u, it is important to ensure that your vehicle does not pose any danger to other road users and does not also endanger your life. Below are some great safety tips that stranded motorists ought to observe to ensure their safety in such situations:

Pulling Off the Road and Alerting Other Motorists

When your vehicle develops a mechanical issue or stalls on the highway, it is always important to exit the highway/freeway if at all possible. If not a possibility then try to pull off on right shoulder as far over as you can so your maintain the safest distance away from oncoming traffic.

If you find yourself stranded in a highway/freeway with medians, it would be wise to choose pulling off at the left shoulder of the road if it is not possible to make it to the right. You should then turn on your emergency hazard lights/flashers so as to warn other approaching vehicles of your presence on the road or on its side to help them exercise caution early enough.

Calling for Help

After taking all the necessary precautions that you are in a safe area of the road, it would be the best time to call for help from your emergency services provider. As you communicate with the dispatcher requesting for a tow truck in your area, you should inform them if you are in an unsafe area. You should also take note of all the surroundings like buildings and landmarks if you are unsure of your exact location.

It is important to remember that it is always safer to wait for the services of an expert even though the repair is just minor. The professionals have equipment that will add more visibility to the stranded vehicle and carry out repairs on the roadside quickly and in a safe manner even in dangerous situations.

Remain in the Vehicle

After managing to pull away from the road, it is safer to remain inside your vehicle. You should remain buckled until a time that either the emergency roadside services provider or law enforcement officers arrive. You can keep the seat-belt on if you deem it safe to do so and if you want to venture out then you should exercise extreme caution.

If you do need to leave your car, do so on the passenger-side, away from traffic and avoid standing either directly in front or behind your vehicle when you are stranded on the road.

In the rare event that you will need to leave your car permanently on the roadside, leave a white sheet of paper on the side window of the driver. This is a sign to the police, emergency vehicle or tow truck that the vehicle is stranded.

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