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We may experience many different frightening situations in our life but one that many people dread is having their vehicle breakdown in Oklahoma City on the highway in the middle of the night. If this takes place, it can really make you nervous from the very start and the stress can sometimes make it difficult for you to know what to do in order to stay safe.

When you are stranded at night on the highway in Oklahoma City, there are some specific things you can do to ensure that your safety is covered and that you will be there for the shortest amount of time possible.

The following tips can assist you in getting through this difficulty and in dealing with the stressful situation in the best way that you possibly can.

1. Get off the road:

One of the problems that many people experience is that they panic and remain in the travel lane of the highway when the vehicle breaks down. This puts you in imminent danger. The best thing that you can do is to pull off on the right shoulder of the road and get over as far as possible away from the travel lane. If it is not possible to pull over on the right side, move to the left side shoulder. If neither of those is a possibility, put on your hazard lights and look around for a safe area. If you are in danger in the vehicle, move to a safer area.

2. Look for an exit:

Once you are in a relatively safe position, look around for any landmarks or exit signs so you can let others know where you’re stranded.

3. Basic troubleshooting:

It can be very difficult to remember any sounds or smells that were coming from your car prior to the problem when you’re under this type of stress. Try to remember what happened to the vehicle so you can relay that to the appropriate emergency service personnel.

4. Be visible:

Do whatever you can to make your vehicle visible to others, especially during the nighttime hours or when you are experiencing bad weather. Use your emergency flashers, raise the hood of the vehicle or tie something reflective to the antenna or back of the vehicle.

5. Get Assistance:

If you have AAA or another type of service that cares for these types of problems, contact them at this point so that they can come to you and get you on your way again. If it’s more of an immediate emergency, as in an accident, call 911 or the highway police phone number to get further information. After you have received information from 911 emergency services, contact a member of your family or a friend to let them know what is taking place.

6. Be Prepared:

Exiting your vehicle can put you at risk and you need to know your surroundings and be prepared with a flashlight if possible. If anyone shows up on the scene to help, make sure that you get identification before you allow them to assist you. Write down all pertinent information and stay safe.

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