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Winter weather is a tough time for drivers.

Visibility stinks, the roads are slippery, and with ice and snow covering most of the road surface, driving – a breaking – in a straight line can be a tricky thing to do

This means that upon the application of brakes, your car is likely to slip away and hit the railing, causing a minor accident. In extreme cases, you may even run into major and fatal accidents. So watch out

Nevertheless, once your car hits the sideway, it is likely that it may not remain in a drivable condition anymore. The first thought that may cross your mind is to get help from a roadside assistance company like ours. While this may be your only solution out of such a scenario, it also means added costs. After all, most of the insurance companies will not cover the costs of towing.

So it is rather better to avoid the need for towing altogether. In order to help you out with this, we have compiled some commons-sense tips below:

Drive slowly

While it may seem like common sense, many drivers still do not drive slowly in icy conditions. Couple that with the fact that many drivers in Memphis don’t have winter tire, speed is the prime reason why most of the accidents occur in the winter months.

Driving slowly is a precaution that drivers should take regardless of what the weather is like. However, in winter conditions, when the ice is covering most of the road surface, this precaution cannot be ignored for safety reasons.

A slow drive simply means that a driver will be able to apply the brakes as early as possible, in the case of an emergency. This is because a slow drive improves the reaction time of a driver.

Keep enough space

In the months of winters, driving can feel like a slow and tedious task. Hence, you must remain patient.

Atop that, it is also likely that the car in front of you will apply its brakes over and over again. Hence, it is extremely important to keep enough space so that the brakes can be applied just in time. This may reduce the chances of a minor or fatal accident by a great deal.

Use all the safety features

Most of the newly manufactured vehicles come with a range of different safety features that are designed to prevent fatal accidents.

One of the most common features in cars today includes the anti-lock brakes. Also referred to as an ABS system, this system could prevent a lock-up on a slick road. As a result of this, steering and braking would become easier and effective.

Another feature is the four-wheel drive, also known as an all-wheel drive. In case you are driving on a very slippery/icy road, the four-while drive can improve your car’s maneuverability. All in all, this will reduce the chances of your car slipping out of control.

All in all, this will reduce the chances of your car slipping out of control.

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