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Vintage cars are usually a collectors item. They have been kept in their optimal condition for decades. That’s also why transporting them from one location to another can be challenging. For other modern vehicles, you’d just drive them to wherever it needs to be. However, vintage vehicles need a little more TLC.

Towing With A Flatbed Tow Truck

One of the best ways to transport vintage cars is to tow them. However, you have to use a flatbed tow truck or else your vintage car can easily get damaged through other towing methods. These tow trucks have a platform where the car stays. This platform raises the car off the ground so that the wheels don’t even touch the road. Using a flatbed tow truck offers many advantages when it comes to towing vintage cars and they are as follows:

Keeps The Mileage Low

Vintage or classic cars will be worth more if the mileage is low. This is why owners of such vehicles refrain from driving them especially for long distances. With the use of a flatbed tow truck, you’d be transporting the truck without ramping up the mileage. This can greatly help the resale value of the vintage car.

Keeps It Clean

With the car raised and away from the ground, it is less likely to get dirty as compared to cars that are towed while keeping a few wheels on the ground. Even if the tow truck runs over a muddy area, the wheels of the vintage vehicle will still be clean. Although there can be some splash marks here and there, it would be a lot cleaner than to drive it over the mud.

Less Damage Due To Road Conditions

Apart from the dirt, you can also lessen the chance of having the car damaged when a flatbed tow truck is used. The wheels wouldn’t be worn out. Additionally, due to not touching the ground, rocks or small stones are less likely to reach them and cause damage.


When you need a vintage, classic or just your favorite car towed, the best choice would be to go for a flatbed tow truck. It offers various advantages as compared to towing with other regular tow trucks. You can better maintain the value of your vehicle because it is less likely to get damaged and the mileage isn’t wasted.

Flatbed Hauling
Towing Service Starting @ $85

+ $3 Per Miles For Distance Over 5 Miles