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5 Things Determining the Price of Towing Services

One of the most frequently asked questions about car towing is its cost. Some people don’t like it when companies don’t have a full price list on their websites or if the final price is higher than the minimum mentioned there.

This is understandable, but you should realize that no case is the same and it’s important to find out all the factors influencing the final service cost. We’ll tell you about the 5 main things that determine how much money you’re going to pay for, say, a wheel lift towing in Oklahoma City.

After reading this article, you’ll know what to ask and how to estimate the final cost.

#1: The Service You Need

Let’s agree that the effort scale is different when you need to retrieve a wrecked car or to jump-start one so it can get to the closest gas station. The latter needs a professional to come to you in their vehicle, help you out, and go away.

If you need an auto wrecker in Oklahoma City, for example, the tech and specialists are different. So, such a service may be more expensive.

#2: The Terrain and Weather

The ‘mission’ will cost more if the team has to come to you through mud and snow. This takes more time and effort which should be paid for. Consider weather conditions and terrain when asking for a price not to be surprised.

Respect the job of another person, especially if they are coming to help you out in an emergency.

#3: The Size of Your Vehicle

It’s so much easier to tow a small vehicle than an RV, for instance. To avoid misunderstandings, ask for an estimate for your car beforehand. When you choose a service or services for the future, contact them and ask for a quote for the car you use the most.

Thus, you’ll know in advance how much to pay in case you need it to be towed.

#4: Distance

The farther you are from the location of the specialist, the more expensive towing will be. They will have to cover fuel costs and spend more time to find your vehicle and help you out. That’s why we recommend having several phone numbers on hand to get the most affordable service (in case you’re on a budget).

#5: Day Vs. Night

Many towing companies work 24/7, but the rates may change during the day and night hours. The specialists have to work a night shift and drive far away to find your car in the dark. This is much more difficult than during the day, and more dangerous.

So, it’s obvious that such a service will be more expensive.

Choose a Reliable Service

The most important thing is to make sure the company doesn’t charge extra for their name. Paying more for a difficult service is fine. Every job must be paid for. But if you’re asked to pay more in fees you didn’t know about or the prices are unreasonably high, maybe it’s time to choose another towing company.

Well, at least you know who to call if you’re in Oklahoma City or nearby!

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