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24 Hours Tow Truck In Oklahoma City, OK

Many car owners are afraid of getting their cars towed because they are afraid that it can further damage their vehicle. The simplest method uses chains and a hook that’s attached to a car’s frame rail or around an axle.

In some cases, this method may still be useful today but it is currently outdated.

There are other more modern and more safer ways to tow the car. These are less risky for your vehicle and are the best with the latest technology available.


Flatbed Tow Truck

With a flatbed tow truck, the whole car rests on the tow truck. There is a ramp that allows the car to climb at the back of the truck ready to be transported. The wheels will be secured in place so the car won’t roll off the tow truck.
It’s best to use flatbed tow trucks for the vehicles safety and security. Your car is less likely to get damaged because it isn’t in contact with the road.
The tires will not be dragged, the transmission will not be affected, and the breaks won’t be worn out. This is the reason why you should really insist on having your car towed by a flatbed tow truck.
Although flatbed towing is best, there can still be some downside to it. It takes a longer time for the vehicle to be secured on the tow truck.
The size of the flatbed tow trucks also pose as a downside. Due to their larger size, it would be more difficult for them to maneuver.


Wheel Lift Tow Truck

Tow truck companies now make use a wheel lifting equipment. This is much safer than the traditional hook and chain because only the wheels are in contact with it.

With this equipment the drive wheels are held by the brackets and secured by pins. This can be easily attached by the tow truck service provider and can be done in just minutes.

Towing RatesLight Duty

(Up To 3/4 Ton Truck)
Medium Duty

(1 Ton Truck & Over)
Hook-Up Fee (Day)$85.00$125.00
Hook-Up Fee (Night)$125$150
Loaded Mileage (Per Mile)$3.00 / Mile$5.00 / Mile
Deadhead Mileage (Per Mile)$30.00$5.00 / Mile
Dolly charge$30.00$50.00
Remove Driveshaft$30.00$50.00
Misc Labor$85.00 / Hour$100.00 / Hour
Service Call - Day Time$85.00$125.00
Service Call - After Hours$125.00$150.00
GOA (Gone On Arrival)$85.00$125.00
Flatbed Hauling
Towing Service Starting @ $85

+ $3 Per Miles For Distance Over 5 Miles