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Equipment Hauling

Hauling equipment in the Midsouth is no problem for Oklahoma Towing Service. Getting your equipment safely moved from point A to point B is requires experience and training, and the technicians at Oklahoma Towing Service are ready to take on your job. We will deliver your tractors, forklifts, backhoes, and other pieces of equipment to any job site in the area in a timely fashion without sacrificing great service.

Most pieces of equipment need to be moved using a flatbed truck or trailer, although we are able to use a standard tow truck for some items. We are the premiere heavy hauling specialist in the Oklahoma area with over 30 years of experience and an extensive fleet ready to tackle any job.

When scheduling your equipment hauling with us, our friendly agents will be able to quickly assess your situation over the phone and determine what type of truck is best for the job. For the majority of heavy equipment shipping needs, a simple flatbed is more than sufficient. Oklahoma Towing Service's fleet of flatbed trucks allow for easy loading and unloading, no matter the size or weight of your equipment.

With some equipment, we will need a special trailer. Step deck and double drop trailers can allow for taller or heavier equipment to be loaded and transported. For other hauls, especially short distance moves, a simple tow truck can get the job done. Oklahoma Towing Service is able to handle a variety of sizes and different types of equipment. There's no need to call a bunch of different companies when you need equipment hauled in Oklahoma. Oklahoma Towing Service has the tools and training to take care of you!

Oklahoma Towing Service has the skills and expertise required to haul or tow your heavy or noncommercial industrial transport for equipment transport in Oklahoma and the Midsouth area.

We can haul all equipment, including construction equipment, agricultural equipment, mining equipment, and others. Having your equipment hauled safely is the last thing you should worry about, which is why we handle every step of the transport process. We tailor each step of the process to fit your needs. We know how valuable your equipment is to you and how important it is to do your job correctly, which is why we treat each item we haul as our own.

Different types of shipments require different care. At Oklahoma Towing Service, we understand the particulars of a variety of different types of loads, ensuring that we always know exactly how to take care of your commodities.

Each shipment needs to be secured. We have multiple accessories, from chains to straps that allow us to safely secure your shipment. By letting us know what type of product you have to ship, we can ensure we bring the right tools for your job. It's also important that we know the weight, dimensions, and value of your cargo. Drivers are also equipped with corner protectors, dunnage, pipe stakes, and coil racks to ensure that your load is properly secured and is arrives at its destination safely.

If you're looking to haul freight within the Midsouth, there's no need to call a bunch of different companies, trying to find one that can handle the job. Our fast and friendly agents are available 24/7/365 to quickly assess your situation over the phone and get the right equipment to you ASAP. We know that time is money, and Oklahoma Towing Service prides itself on being the fastest local equipment hauling service in Oklahoma and the surrounding area.

At Oklahoma Towing Service, we believe reliability and professionalism go hand in hand with fast, friendly customer service. We do not sacrifice great service to give you bargain prices because we believe in doing both! Our competitive rates and great staff prove time and time again that Oklahoma Towing Service is the right choice for not only your towing, but for all your hauling and shipping needs.

Reliable 24/7 Equipment Hauling By Oklahoma Towing Service

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Service Type: Equipment Hauling

Price: 85.00-150.00

Currency: USD

Flatbed Hauling
Towing Service Starting @ $85

+ $3 Per Miles For Distance Over 5 Miles